Ijoy 100 Robotic Massage Chair – Looks Good, Feels Good

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Ijoy 100 Robotic Massage Chair – Looks Good, Feels Good

Submitted by: Everett Woods

Nowadays, a wide variety of different massage chairs are very common in the market. A consumer looking for a chiropractic chair is offered dozens of brands to choose from, all of them promising better features and that distinct “human touch” we all look for. Some chairs provide impressive capabilities but look boringly drab among your decor, while others look chic but end up hurting you instead of healing you. Today, you don’t need to look any further. Something that looks good, and feels good is already in the market. Enter iJoy 100 Robotic Massage chair, from the makers of Human Touch and iJoy.

A sleek mixture of sophisticated design and top-of-the-line features distinguishes iJoy 100 among other similar products. With its sophisticated velveteen outer-cover made of polyester and its highly modernistic shape, the iJoy 100 can be a formidable design piece that compliments any urban or futuristic living room. It makes for a fantastic piece of sleek, modern decor that is perfect for the people living in the now. This highly ingenious massage chair comes in two dashing colours – red and charcoal gray, both in brushed polyester nylon that feels absolutely great when touched.

The iJoy 100 robotic massage chair comes with all four classic massage techniques guaranteed to give you that distinct human touch known to emulate the hands of a professional masseuse. ‘Kneading’ eases soreness with a deep kneading massage. ‘Percussion’ simulates the feel of hands tapping on the back to stimulate muscles. ‘Rolling’ loosens up muscles with a relaxing rolling massage. You also get ‘compression’, which is a unique combination of alternating strokes that is sure to provide stimulation to the spine. The machine also comes with three programs, full back, upper back and lower back, for a more isolated and intensely focused massage great for specific body pains. The iJoy 100 Quad-Roller Massage Mechanism follows the contour of the spine. This exposes your back muscles for a more exact massage. The back rest can be manually reclined to a maximum of a hundred and fifty degrees, making the iJoy 100 ideal for rest or for a relaxing sit while watching television. Moving this chair around isalso very easy due to the built-in wheels that make transport and movement easy for the iJoy 100. This feature allows you to drag the massage chair anywhere around your house, anytime. iJoy 100 should be trusted with its capacity to professionally ease out tired and painful muscles and it is approved by the World Federation of Chiropractic, an international society that represents chiropractic to international health care.

For a more holistic and satisfying massage when an incredibly relaxing back massage just doesn’t hit the right spot, iJoy 100 can be fitted with the Human Touch iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Calf Massager.This is the only calf massager that uses ergonomic massage paddles instead of the usual airbag calf massagers for a more satisfying massage. The calf massager massages in a rolling motion, driving the blood away from the feet and into the body’s core to improve over-all blood circulation.

iJoy 100 is truly a cost-effective solution to muscle aches and pains. Finally, a professional chiropractic chair that doesn’t only feel great is in the market. It looks great too!

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