Best Bet Breakfasts

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Best Bet Breakfasts

Submitted by: Darrell Ritchie

Okay, if you are like me, you all too often skip breakfast in the morning, opting instead for a few more minutes of snoozing. So you bolt out the door and skip the most important meal of the day, or worse, you pick up a bagel on the way in and then find yourself wondering why you are still feeling sluggish by mid-morning.

Breakfast is not called the most important meal for nothing. A good, healthy breakfast is essential in order to feel energized, alert, productive, and ready to face the day. You may not have the luxury of a wife or mother to make you the three course breakfast, or you may be too limited in your abilities to do it yourself, but you can find ways to eat healthy and get your day off to a promising start.

Cold cereal is my weapon of choice, and it is one of the healthier options, particularly the high fiber, low sugar variety. Use low fat milk instead of whole milk for maximum effect. You may also want to consider ?hot? cereals such as oatmeal, grits, or farina. You can top off these servings with raisins, nuts, or almonds, as well as spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon, which are calorie-free and delicious, a winning combination.

Quality bread. Get rid of the white bread and concentrate on whole grain or whole wheat varieties. Use fruit yogurt as opposed to margarine or butter. Waffles or pancakes or French Toast can be topped with fruit or low sugar jams.

The incredible, edible egg. Scrambled, poached, soft or hard boiled, there is really no way to go wrong with nature?s perfect food. Try using eggs in burritos or tacos, covered in cheese and salsa. Eggs are quickly prepared and nutritious parts of any breakfast.

Dairy consumption increases weight loss efforts, so don?t forget to down some low fat milk with your breakfast. You can also scarf down some low fat yogurt or cottage cheese accompanied by fresh fruit or granola.

Cereal bars are popular because they are fast, but they should not become the be all end all for breakfast. Chase it down with some low fat milk and some fruit.

Smoothies are also popular for breakfast, especially done with low fat yogurt and fresh fruit. Soy milk may be substituted if low fat milk is unavailable.

Try a whole grain bagel with non-fat cream cheese. Bagels should ideally be one of your last choices for breakfast, but in a pinch, just make sure it is a whole grain option. Lay off the butter or jam in order to save on calories.

If you have a chance, make more breakfast than you actually need. That way you can have it on hand for other mornings when you may be in more of a rush. This will help cut down on the likelihood of your skipping this much needed meal time.

Just because breakfast is the most hurried meal of the day doesn?t mean that you have to skimp on nutrition or worse, skip the event altogether. Just take the time to do your homework and make healthy choices.

About the Author: Darrell is the Director Of Content for Leadsbyfone LLC, a lead generation company servicing the water extraction and damage restoration industry.

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